About Zhengzhou


Zhengzhou is the capital and largest city of Henan province in north-central China. A prefecture-level city, it also serves as the political, economic, technological, and educational centre of the province, as well as a major transportation hub for Central China. The city lies on the southern bank of the Yellow River, and is one of the Eight Great Ancient Capitals of China.

With 8,626,505 inhabitants according to the 2010 census and 3,980,250 in its built-up area (6 urban districts + 5 City + 1 County), the city is one of the main built up areas of Henan region. Zhengzhou is now a rapidly growing city.

Greater Zhengzhou was named as one of the 13 emerging megacities or megalopolises in China in a July 2012 report by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

With a pleasant climate, the city is welcoming all year round. The hottest month is July and the average temperature is about 27C (80.6F) while the coldest month is January with an average temperature of -0.2C (31.64F). Autumn and spring are the best and the peak tourist seasons. You can enjoy a more beautiful Zhengzhou at that time.

The ancient city was the capital of Shang Dynasty (16th - 11th century BC) 3,500 years ago when porcelain and the Chinese technique of bronze smelting were comparatively more developed. A green ceramic glaze pot unearthed in Zhengzhou has been shown to be the oldest porcelain in China. A long history has left the city with many cultural and historic sites; the Shaolin Temple situated at the foot of Mt. Song is the birthplace of Shaolin Kong Fu (Kung Fu). There are many ancient tombs, temple buildings and battle sites showing up all over this dense city.

Erqi Memorial Tower

Having been handpicked as China's transportation hub, Zhengzhou is an excellent starting point to visit other destinations in China. The Erqi Memorial Tower Transportation provision in the city is excellent. Arriving and departing, whether by air, train or bus, is a smooth process in Zhengzhou. As a provincial capital, this city is the home to great entertainment and shopping destinations. The city is developing quickly and the infrastructure benefits greatly from this.?

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