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AP Literature and Composition: The Scottish Play

20 December 2018 By In Kinglee Blog

AP Literature and Composition students are working tirelessly to discover the entrancing power of the Bard of Avon’s blank verse. As students have navigated through the intricacies of the grotesque and grisly plot of Macbeth, or as members of the theater call it, “The Scottish Play,” they took to the stage to bring Shakespeare’s timeless tragedy of errors to life.

After triumphantly conquering a week full of timed writings and Socratic seminars, APES (English Students) were given thirty minutes to read, comprehend, rewrite, and stage Act 2 Scenes 1-2 of Macbeth, including music and lighting. Each student took on the role of playwright, stage director, lead actor or actress, lighting director, or sound director within a smaller group. While students initially deemed the task impossible, they harnessed all of their creative energy and critical reading skills to compose a rendition of Macbeth that we’ll never forget! The actual staging of a Shakespearean play allowed for these aspiring playwrights to not only consider what the characters say, but how and why they say it. Students intensely debated the body language, vocal inflections, and position of characters to ensure their performance made Shakespeare proud.

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