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American Literature: Can you escape hysteria!?

11 January 2019 By In Kinglee Blog

As a culminating activity to commemorate our study of Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, a play that depicts the Salem Witch Trials in 1692, American Literature students raced through an escape room. Once the mood was set, complete with creepy forest sounds and dim lighting, students worked in small teams to “escape” each room with a series of challenges. However, before students could find the tasks hidden around the room, they had to solve riddles related to the story that led to their location. Teams competitively dashed around the room to solve symbolism cryptograms, close reading tasks, literary device decoding, allegory analysis, and a variety of other activities that required their knowledge of characterization, theme, symbolism, text-based evidence, and literary devices.

Cheering, laughing, and shouting ensued as each group came closer and closer to escaping the “hysteria.” While there could only be crowned one winner, each team worked collaboratively to ensure they “made it out alive.”

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