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04 September 2018 By In Kinglee Blog

Dear Kinglee students, families, and staff,

It is my pleasure to welcome you all back for the 2018-2019 school year. This new year is filled with opportunities and challenges alike as we embark on yet another fantastic journey. We are led by an outstanding 12th grade class and we will welcome a very promising group of 7th grade students when they return from military training. Kinglee truly does have the best students across all grade levels.?

I am excited to announce that Kinglee will have two administrators leading the school this year - myself and Mr. James Tobin, who is starting his sixth year at Kinglee. Mr. Tobin is the Lead Administrator for Services and Communication, while I am the Lead Administrator for Teaching and Learning. I have previously served Kinglee as a History-Social Science teacher, and I am so excited to be back at Kinglee in a leadership role. It is so great to once again be a part of the Best family! We have many exciting things planned for you all, so be sure to keep your ears, your minds and your hearts open throughout this amazing year that will be filled with learning, opportunity, and growth.

I would also like to welcome several new teachers to Kinglee and the Best family: Ms. Deanna Boorsma, who will teach 7th and 8th grade Mathematics as well as 9th grade Geometry; Ms. Dominique Sauls, who will teach 7th grade Science, 9th grade Geography, American History, and Global Humanities; and finally, Ms. Anna Scott, who will teach Chemistry, Physical Science, and Forensics. They each have a plethora of experience and will be stellar additions to our already inspiring group of teachers, so please be sure to welcome them into our community!

In addition to our new teachers, several returning teachers will also be teaching new courses. Mr. Patrick McCarty will be teaching a variety of Social Sciences courses including World History, Philosophy, and American History; Mr. Terry Hodge will be teaching 8th grade Science, 9th grade Biology, and a 10th grade Science elective called Science in Film; Mr. Ben Trey will continue to teach upper level Mathematics as well as AP Chemistry; Mr. Guillermo Cantarutti will continue to teach various levels of Spanish as well as a brand new course - Spanish 4; Ms. Holly Maxwell will continue to teach high school English courses as well as AP Literature; and Ms. Emily Harwood will continue to teach 7th and 8th grade English.?

All of our teachers have been working very hard to make this year the best year EVER! Throughout the past few weeks, we have participated in a variety of professional development activities in order to improve our practice. We learned about the SAMR model, which is a framework for strategic technology integration in the classroom; we learned many new instructional strategies; and most importantly, we learned more about each other, so that we may collaborate in order to best support all of the students at Kinglee High School!

As this newsletter comes to a close, I would like to pose some questions to think about & discuss throughout this coming school year, with the hope of inspiring a family dialogue about school and your goals for this year.

All students: How will you demonstrate love, equality, and care this year? What character traits will you show this year? How will you be a leader this year?

12th grade students: What will your legacy be at Kinglee? What do you need to do to make that happen?

11th grade students: Where would you like to go for university? What do you need to do to get there??

10th grade students: As you start to transition into becoming upperclassmen, how will you be leaders for the younger grade levels??

9th grade students: You will need to balance a lot of responsibilities this coming school year. What will you do to balance them?

8th grade students: What life lessons did you learn last year? How will you learn and grow this year?

7th grade students: There will be new challenges and opportunities this year as you come to a new school. What will you do to conquer them?


Matt Donta

Lead Administrator for Teaching and Learning


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