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Pi Day Featured

20 March 2018 By In Kinglee Blog

March 14th (3.14) is a special day in education circles for two reasons: written in numerical form, it shares the same numbers as the first three numbers in the number Pi (π) in mathematics, and it is the date on which one of the great minds in history, Albert Einstein, was born. ?

In order to celebrate the confluence of these things, Kinglee High School students took place in two different phases of activities. First, each lesson in the school incorporated some aspect of Pi and/or Einstein into an activity. This ranged from things like a math class using mathematical equations like C=?Pd (Circumference of a circle equals Pi times diameter) and using their own measurements of regular classroom materials to calculate Pi on their own, to writing a story in English class where the number of syllables of each word matches the corresponding number from the Pi sequence, to a history class using ideas about Einstein’s life to examine the impact his influence still has on the world today.

The next phase of the celebration was a whole-school competition during club time. 16 teams each made up of 12 students (each with students from grades 7-12) participated in a three-level activity. Level One saw 10 different stations set up where teams had to complete tasks in order to earn Pi Coins in order to reach a total goal limit before moving onto Level Two. The tasks are listed below:

1.Draw a Perfect Circle: Teams use an iPad app that calculates a percent error of a perfect circle.


2.Pi Bracelets: Teams make bracelets using colored beads that correspond to different numbers in the Pi sequence.


3.Pi-Ku: Modeled after a traditional “haiku” poem, teams write a poem with syllable limits modeled after the Pi sequence.


4.Pi-in-the-skyline: Teams use graph paper to chart the numbers in the Pi sequence, thus resembling a skyline.


5.Recitation of Pi- Team members memorize as many numbers of Pi as they can remember, the more they can recite the more Pi Coins they receive.


6.Find the Circumference, Area, Volume of objects: Teams use mathematical equations to find statistics about a range of objects like cones and boxes.


7.M&M Relativity: Two differently shaped jars are filled with M&M candies. The teams are given the amount of candies in one jar and try to use that information to accurately guess the number of candies in the next jar.


8.Designstein- Three teams compete against each other in trying to dress up one of their members to look as much like Einstein as possible.


9.Pendulum- Teams use a pendulum to “prove” the number Pi.


10.Pi Story- Teams write a story where the number of syllables in each word must match the corresponding number in the Pi sequence.


Of the 16 teams in Level One, the first 5 teams to earn 600 Pi Coins moved onto Level Two. For Level Two, teams used an iPad to do a Photo Scavenger Hunt of “things” they found outside on campus that matched the numbers in the Pi sequence. For example, they could take a photo of 3 trees, 1 rock, 4 sticks, etc. The 3 teams who had the most photos in the sequence when time ran out moved onto Level Three.

Level Three was on the stage in the gym in front of all the students. The 3 remaining teams competed in a Pie-Eating Contest. Each team chose how many members they wanted to participate, but only one member could be eating at a time. To make it even more difficult, each team designated one member to be the “feeder” of the pie who stood behind the “eater” of the pie, where the eater had his/her hands behind their back and the feeder put his/her hands underneath the eater’s arms. The team that finished the pie first is the overall winner of Pi Day!


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