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Kinglee High School Spirit Week 2018 Featured

03 April 2018 By In Kinglee Blog

Kinglee High School Spirit Week took place at the end of March, and March Madness was truly in spirit! The week celebrated our Journey Through Time and featured costumes from the past, present, and future. Student Council members worked hard to plan and execute a variety of exciting events for their classmates and teachers.?

The week tipped off with three afternoons of thrilling basketball competitions. Teachers and students alike squared off in the gym. A total of six games were played and included boys from each of the grade levels pitted against each other and their teachers. It was truly a show to be had, featuring the skills of Fred Ma, Frank Bai, Edgar Mao, and even King Trey himself.

On the sideline, we had our very own Ms. Orlando reporting:

The First Game (a play-by-play by Miss Orlando)

  • Fred passes really well - three great passes that did not lead to baskets...
  • Big Frank was mostly responsible for the shots scored by his team. ?
  • Fred got a rebound!
  • Fred and Wilson struggled valiantly for the ball.? Fred seemed sure the ref would call a foul.? However, his dream did not come true.?
  • Frank - very impressive shot from really far away (three points!).?
  • Fred scored in the last minute (of the first half)!? Way to go, Fred!
  • Frank scored again, as he does.?
  • Fred caught a really long pass intended for one of Frank’s teammates.? Sorry, Frank’s team!
  • Felix and David scored baskets one after another.? Yay!? “Felix, Felix!” chanted Galvin, clearly excited for his classmate. ?
  • “Wilson,” yelled Mr. Trey after watching him score a particularly impressive basket.?
  • Felix stole the ball and passed it to Wilson who then scored another basket.? Can he win it for his team?
  • A rebound by Fred!? Great job, Fred!

Teachers vs Teddy’s Team

  • The teachers struggle desperately to pass the ball to each other, but it slips through their fingers each time. ?
  • First basket by Victor!? Then fouled by Mr. Trey.? Play nice, Mr. Trey!
  • A beautiful free throw by Victor.? “Thanks, Mr. Trey,” we imagine him to think as he shoots.?
  • Mr. Kemock stole the ball as it was on its way to the basket from Victor’s hands.? He dribbled it across the court and shot - score!
  • Mr. Hodge sent long pass to Mr. Hankin, but sadly, the ball did not go in the hoop. ?
  • Mr. Trey knew that if he threw the ball enough times, probability was on his side.? It would eventually go in.? Then it did! ?
  • Victor wove in and out of the crowd of teachers attempting to block him.? Neither Mr. McCarty nor Mr. Hankin could stop him.? He shot.? He scored!
  • Mr. Trey tried to verbally distract Victor, but nothing could stop him!
  • Sammy dribbled the ball right into Mr. Burgis.? Mr. Burgis passed it to Mr. Barker who stood very casually under the hoop before gently tossing it in. ?
  • “Mr. Kemock shoots... and misses, but he [Mr. Trey] scores,” commented Patricia. ?
  • Victor - two free throws in a row with.? “Oooh,” from the spectators. ?
  • Mr. Hankin scored.? Come on, students!? You can do it! ?
  • Mr. Hankin assisted Mr. Trey after a failed free throw.? Thanks, Mr. Hankin. ?
  • “Teddy Bear!” shouted Mr. Cantarutti enthusiastically when he shot and scored. The crowd went wild!
  • And the winner is....? the teachers... “What nice teachers!” commented Patricia before sadly filing out of the gym. ?

The rest of the week featured several other celebratory activities showcasing the talent, hard work, and school spirit of our students! Ms. Harwood and the drama club delivered a comical and well-prepared performance that had the entire student body laughing and clapping for their classmates on stage. The legacy and words of our students were preserved for them in time capsules to reflect on when they become a bit wiser. Student Council also raised funds for its’ future endeavors by selling delicious cakes at lunch. School spirit truly rang through the halls here at Kinglee and will continue to do so until next year’s festivities begin again. Thank you, Student Council! Go Kinglee!

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