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29 September 2018 By In Kinglee Blog

In the spirit of leadership, school spirit, and public service, Kinglee High School has been eagerly preparing for the upcoming Student Council election. The week kicked off with beautifully crafted, clever, campaign materials being distributed all over campus. Students used their marketing skills from broadcasting and tech related classes to push their message of bettering Kinglee for all. Candidates spoke with staff and recruited class members to generate support throughout the week. It was obvious that this time, every vote mattered.

05 November 2018 By In Kinglee Blog

This year, on the 31st of October, the student council prepared various types of activities to ignite the Halloween atmosphere in Kinglee.


23 November 2018 By In Kinglee Blog

Thanksgiving Day is a day to fully appreciate the things that we have in life. Our family who are always there for us, our teachers who have the most patience for us, and our friends who are always with us through different life challenges. Learning how to be grateful for these people, for what they have given us is one of the most beautiful things about Thanksgiving.

28 November 2018 By In Kinglee Blog

Kinglee’s middle school students have been working hard in the math classroom this school year, improving their English and math knowledge. The eighth grade students have been learning algebraic concepts and math vocabulary through fun activities. A highlight for the students thus far was their scale drawing project, in which they enlarged candy and snack wrappers. Given that this is the first year most seventh graders are taking math in English, they have spent the majority of the school year learning basic math vocabulary and tackling word problems. The students have participated in a lot of fun and engaging activities in the classroom to help them develop their mathematical thinking in English.?

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