International Collaboration


We also firmly believe that exposure to global cultures and history plays an indispensable part in the cultivation of global citizenship. Hence, we have ongoing plans to seek partnerships or build exchange programs with U.S. or British schools. We have consolidated a partnership with St. Bede Academy located in Peru, Illinois, bringing an authentic American high school curriculum to our campus. We have also established an exchange student program with St. Bede Academy. Begun in 2013, this exchange program sends selected students to St. Bede for a year of? American high school learning. We will broaden our scope of exchange and maybe engage in teacher or curriculum exchange programs in the future.

We are in the middle of conversations with various U.S. schools located on the west coast as well as east coast, and also schools in Finland, for potential partnership or new ideas for international collaboration. In so doing, we hope to carry out the mission of “localizing global education” and “globalizing local (Chinese) education.” With the increase of international students and teachers on campus, we are generating a genuine global learning environment. ? ?

Exposure to global cultures and history

In our exchange program with St. Bede Academy, located in Peru, Illinois, we currently have Kinglee students attending St. Bede in order to experience American High School Curriculum as well as an American Culture .

Read our students journals from St. Bede

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