Each of the facilities at Kinglee High School is specifically designed to provide students with a stimulating educational experience while affording opportunities for personal and scholastic growth. The following descriptions show how the individual facilities contribute to this ideal:

Classrooms - Every contemporary classroom comes equipped with the connectivity of its own wireless Internet router, an LCD Projector and components, and a digital sound system. Moveable workstations are designed to allow for student-centered lessons that engage students in collaborative, hands-on learning. Air-conditioning/filtration systems are present in each room to promote a comfortable learning environment.

ALC - The Academic Learning Center is located at the heart of the school, serving as a media center where classes can utilize desktop computers for projects, full texts for research, or space for collaborative or individualized work centers. At night, the ALC doubles as the primary location for additional study hours and tutoring services.

Gym/Theater - The gymnasium is the center for several events. Because of its size, it can be used for P.E. classes and clubs including basketball, volleyball, soccer, and kickball. The main wooden floor has markings for a full basketball court with bench seating down the length. Past the basketball court, there is ample seating space for the full theater stage, completely equipped with lighting and sound systems.

Pool/Workout Room - The campus features a workout room with various styles of exercise equipment for cardio and strength-training use. Both P.E. classes and clubs may take advantage of this facility. Kinglee High School also maintains a 25-meter, five lane pool that is used for both competitive and leisurely swimming clubs.

Cafeteria - The bi-level cafeteria serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day to students and staff. All mealtimes offer traditional Chinese cuisine on the main floor. Breakfast generally consists of congee (Chinese porridge) and fruit. Lunch and dinner generally include a starch (rice or noodles), one or two vegetable options, assorted side-dishes, and main dishes.

Dorm Rooms - Every boarding-style dorm room houses six students. Floors are separated by gender, each with a shower room (with individual shower stalls) for 10 students at a time as well as two bathrooms per floor. Each floor has a supervisor to monitor to student behavior and safety guidelines. All exchange students are expected to obey all dorm rom guidelines. Rule for dorm rooms are included in your discipline packet.

Performing Arts Locations - There is a stage located in the gymnasium that is equipped with state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems. Additionally, there is a small auditorium in the main building equipped with a piano, projection technology, and seating for up to 100 people, as well as a multimedia room with projection technology and sound system.

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