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29 February 2016 By In Charity

I have learned a lot from the trip to Dengfeng Foreign Language School. I was impressed by the enthusiasm and friendliness of this school, as well as the charism of Chinese Shaolin Kongfu. The living condition of Dengfeng Foreign Language School is a lot worse than the condition we have in Zhengzhou. However, the kids were very enthusiastic toward new challenges and were respectful toward strangers. Economic and living condition cannot affect a person's creativity and enterprise.

29 February 2016 By In Charity

Every time I get different feelings about teaching children. Through this teaching I learn a lot and get many experience that won't be taught in the school. Every time when I see the kids' cheerful face I will also feel joyful. They let me remember my childhood and when I teach them, I learn to be patient because they always try their best. The image of their vivid face always flashed back through my mind and I want to give them support and encourage them to be more confident. Although the environment is harsh and condition is limited, they still work so hard on their study and still be very optimistic.

29 February 2016 By In Charity

As a senior, I am very grateful to be a member of this memorable mountain trip. These three days had been a treasure of my high school life, a window to open my eyes and a opportunity to experience a totally different life. With the help of my writing group members, we successfully taught 6 different grades about writing. Each class learned as well as had fun. From these two classes, as a group leader, I witnessed the growth of my group members. Even some of them were still in 9th grade, even they like to joke all the time, when they walked into the classroom, they were serious and responsible. Moreover, when I was visiting other classes for photographing, I could feel the warmth coming out from every class.

22 October 2014 By In Charity



本周一的升旗仪式中,经过T. Belinda的宣导,“月亮女孩”走进了大家的心里:“月亮女孩”名为雪林,是新乡市卫辉县大山里的孩子,今年只有七岁。她患有先天性脊柱侧弯,家里只有妈妈和年迈的外婆,两年来,她趴在妈妈的背上,每天往返一个多小时,只为能够像同龄人一样,学习文化知识,但由于年龄增长,她的脊柱侧弯已经压迫到了肺和心脏,在爱心人士的帮助下,她才算有机会在医院里接受救治,但她是多么渴望能早日回到课堂。

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